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Our good friend and Todd lover Anna had missed out on the Milwaukee and Chicago shows, Lani couldn't wait until September when the Liars come to California, so Betts was our KC hostess. We had a delicious pre-show dinner at Bluebird and headed to the Beaumont. In the house: Chef Norm, Wayne & Janet, Michele & John, Becky. Also Betts' family: husband Richard and daughter Paris (14) who was initiated into her very first Todd show. She was thrilled to sing the chorus to "Flaw" - out loud!

The only thing not to like about Todd and the Liars performing in KC was the dive bar venue. The Beaumont is in a trendy Westport location, but the stage is small and the acoustics are lousy. It's so inadequate that only about one-third of the elaborate Liars stage set and none of the cool light show was accommodated properly.

Another disappointment was the two rows of steel folding chairs set up in front for the Patronet VIP's who’d paid $20 on top of the ticket price – what a waste. These faithful fans could have simply stood and danced in the same spot and had more fun. No meet and greet either. BTW, VIP stands for "very important prevaricator".

Okay, enough bitching. The show was a blast and the music was well received. The Liars started "Truth" and Todd took the stage in a long hooded monk's robe, cool shades, and combat-style platform boots --- an ominous figure ready to preach the Truth to the Faithful. He soon shed the robe and strutted his stuff dressed in great-fitting black jeans and a clingy sleeveless black shirt with a red frill detail down the center.

Todd's voice was strong, the band was tight, the sound was loud.

Multiple leis were bestowed upon TR during Hello It's Me. He received them graciously as always. Even Paris got to "lei" Todd --- at 14, what a thrill!

Here’s the set list:

1.  Truth
2. Buffalo Grass
3. Mammon
4. Fascist Christ
5. ISP
6. While my Guitar Gently Weeps
7. God Said
8. Liar
9. Beloved Infidel 
10. Lunatic Fringe (broken string)
11. Soul Jam (instrumental)
12. Soul Brother
13. Flaw!
14. Sweet
15. Past
16. Born to Synthesize
17. Feel It
18. Want of a Nail
19. Hello it's Me
20. Just One Victory

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6/02/2004 - Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO

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