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I haven't seen the song "Flaw" on any of the playlists so far. There was something quite fascinating hearing a club full of midwesterners singing "Mothafucka" at the top of their lungs as Mr. R. pointed the mic at the crowd during the chorus.

Quite a powerful and fun show. Highlights--the intense screams of "Liars" . The techno fear version of "Fascist Christ" gave me goosebumps. "Feel It" was very trance inducing with an especially inspired TR guitar solo at the end. Encores full of all that 1970's "Hello It's Me/JOV" wonderment--great voice just like the good old days. The part of "Born To Synth" where he got into the sleepy dream of the perverted priest was funny as hell.

Lowlights "Beloved Infidel", seemed a little naked without the band and the guitar solo. Broke a string on "Lunatic Fringe", gave it a bit of an avant garde ending.

A night of smiles for yours truly. That new disk is great and even better on stage.

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6/02/2004 - Beaumont Club - Kansas City, MO

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