Todd Rundgren and the Liars Conquer Rocky Top!

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24 years ago I introduced my college roommate, Dean Presson, to Todd Rundgren and took him to several of the Adventures in Utopia shows back in Michigan. (Masonic Temple, Center Stage, Welsh Auditorium) Well, after college my roommate moved to Tennessee and his Rundgren experience came to an abrupt end. However, my experience started in 1975 at the MSU auditorium when Todd and Utopia toured Initiation, and has continued through the years. With the announcement of the Nashville, Tennessee show, I knew it was time to call Dean and prepare him for an incredible night of Todd and the Liars. He purchased the CD in early April, right after its release, in preparation of the upcoming event. Now to the show...

The venue was a tiny bar called the Exit In, located on Vanderbilt's campus. My first concern was that the stage was not going to be large enough to handle Todd's cathedrals. I became very worried at the thought of having the cathedrals staying in the truck. As soon as I arrived I needed to resolve my concerns. The stage crew somehow found enough room for the complete set. Hat's off to them, for they did not have much extra room! The small stage limited Todd's maneuverability, however the band performed magnificently in spite of these constraints. The set list was the condensed version without Love Science, Unloved Children, and World Wide Epiphany.

Inside the bar, I noticed numerous plaques of bands that had previously performed there. (Allman Brothers, Talking Heads, B-52's, just to name a few) It is my hope that Todd's plaque is now accompanying them!

My old friendship with Dean has been once again revived as a result of Todd's music. Thanks Todd, Kasim, Jesse, Prairie, and John!

The Michigan gang awaits your show in Oshkosh this August. For as the crow flies, Oshkosh is very close to our home state, and we will be sailing across Lake Michigan to attend Waterfest!

Lastly, anyone who does not own the Liars CD or has not yet seen this tour, you owe yourself a treat to experience both. Todd is back, time to rejoice!!!!!!!!!!

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5/31/2004 - Exit In - Nashville, TN

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