nashville exit/in review 5/31/2004

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Embracing the Runt’s concept of “interactivity” quite literally, I left this show half-way through to enjoy a good bottle of Australian Merlot at the nearby Hilton hotel (a “Yellow Tail” - fruity, yet complex) – and it certainly enhanced my appreciation of the show. ( I left after “Fascist Christ”, returning in time for “Born to improvise”). The crowd was painfully small, but the chemistry between the band was exemplary- and so much better than the sterile (NON-INTERACTIVE) show I’d seen in New Orleans in its entirety. HEY! Maybe the liars perform better in front of smaller audiences in smaller venues – or maybe it’s better to watch this show in portions.(IMO, the set-list is weird). Anyhoo, sometimes live Todd can be six dimensionally awesome, and this was one of those blissful times. You know the set list by now, but the devil’s in the details. EVERYTHING was great in Nashville – the guitar solos had an extra bit of grit/pathos; “Want of a nail” was joyous; “H.I.M.” was moving; “J.O.V.” was dopily majestic. Hell, even “I.S.P.” felt intelligent!!! (What a dumb song!). Was it the me, the OZ wine, the show,? Whatever, this was a cracking gig!

Truth can (indeed) be “stranger than fiction”!

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5/31/2004 - Exit In - Nashville, TN

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