Memphis 5/30/04 show

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TR and the Liars in Elvis pompadour wigs, complete with sideburns!!

What great show this was! What a great weekend of music & fun!

After cruising in and out of the juke joints and night clubs on Beale St. Saturday night we headed to Graceland the next day to get a glimpse of all that Elvis schtuff. Then on the way back to the hotel we swung by Sun studio for a tour. This is a must do for any music fan with a penchant for history!

Well, we arrived at the show, all prepped and ready for the latest from the greatest and OH did not let us down!

After a bit of a muddy sounding start, this show rocked! (I thought the sound, particularly the vocals, was messed up on the first song or two, but everything became increasingly clearer as the show progressed.)

These guys have really come together as a band at this stage of the tour and are sounding especially tight on the new material. (I wish they could play more of new album.)

I met a guy from Little Rock, by the name Gio while we we're waiting for the show to start. He told me he had caught Todd and the band on their way into the venue and had managed to give each one of them Elvis wigs. He and I wondered if they would incorporate them into the show.

Well after HIM we were waiting for JOV, still no wigs and I was beginning to wonder...would they? Sho' 'nuff!! Here they came back on stage for the final encore, wearing those damned pompadour wigs, complete with sideburns!! Wow! (Way to go Gio!)

Ready for St. Louis now baby!

Well it's a one for the money... two fo' the show...


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