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Personally, I've always considered Todd Rundgren to be far ahead of his time, and a musical genius. Once again he's proven it with Liars.

This is a concert not to be missed and must purchase CD! One of total brilliance in musicanship and stagecraft!

The costume choices were excellent and the changes went perfectly with the songs. Left my daughter and I quite curious as to who designs his costumes...

The hand selected band members. Best of the best!

How his vocal chords can survive this tour is beyond my realm of thinking. When he screamed out LIARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... You will feel and know the true passion he projects with that song. I almost passed out. It's that damn good.

His solo performance of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps".. manomanOman You could feet it in ever fiber of your being!

The bantering between Todd's voice and Jesse Gress guitar screams was an instant flashback for me to days of The Winter Brothers (Johnny and Edgar) and it was HOT!

Proving again that Todd's still got it. Better than ever.

I had the pleasure of being in the company of my 20 year old daughter, who has grown up listening to me blast Todd 's genuis all her life, and she LOVED this show! She considers his music as a great lesson in life and history, and TR as one of her favorite history professors as well as apprecitates his talents as a writer, singer, musician and his techno guru abilities.

So, Todd, you now have a new generation of young fans who actually get YOU! She loved the mix of blues, funk, soul, and rock.

It was an absolute pleasure seeing this young woman truly appreciating TR's overall talent that I've loved since the '70's! So, if you have children, please allow them oppourtunity of seeing a true musical genius at work and play. And have fun along with them!

ManOman can he sing the blues! Is there anything musically this man can't do?

And trust me when I say, he was not only in the right company to belt out " gimme that old time religion", he was singing in the birthplace of "old time religion" that so many of us southern folk can relate to!

We were right up front touching the stage. We sang, we danced, we laughed. Todd was his usual friendly, funny, open, easy, interactive self. He appeared to truly enjoy performing for his fans almost as much as we were enjoying him, as he shook hands, interacting with his fans, laughing, cutting jokes.

We were thrilled to be touched by 'the genius' himself!

Kasim Sulton (one of the finest bass players I've ever heard!) tossed my daughter his guitar picked.. needless to say she loved that. Go figure? ::laughs::

A few noticable winks from the drummer of ALL drummer's, Prairie Prince as he slammed his sticks with percision and soul. Manoman.. blew us away with his talent!

John Ferenzik,( keyboards) I bow to you and your magical fingers.

My daughter and I attend a lot of concerts together and there was no hesitiation in agreeing, this was the best performance, and the most fun/interactive concert we've experienced! ( And trust me again when I say, "that's saying something!" ) So, thanks guy for being so cool to my daughter and to your fans! It just made the show that much better for everyone!

TR belted out his own unique 'rage against the machine' like I've never heard from him before. Stellar presence and performance. I could think of 101 positive adjectives to use to describe him and this show.

Nice to see a very eclectic group of die hard, peaceful Todd fans. Even nicer that for once ..I wasn't the 'oldest' in the crowd! Saw some old familiar Todd fan faces.. Exchanged a few email addy's. Always nice to 'network'.

He made a few comments on stage about the humid weather and the lightening. Never realizing a tornado had just hit downtown Memphis less than a mile from where we were! Sadly we saw some of the destruction of a downtown park as we headed home. Wasn't too bad but wasn't a pleasant sight either. To my knowledge,thankfully, no one was injured from that.

The only discomfort I experienced the entire evening was the weather in Memphis in May. Hot and HUMID. I was sweating ( as was the band and the audience) like a whore in a Southern Baptist church! ( and I grew up in Memphis!) Okay New Daisy... Time to invest in some better cooling equipment! Or perhaps some big ass, industrial strength fans?

By the time the concert had ended.. my make-up had melted and slid down my face until I took on a slight resemblance of a female Alice Cooper! Are we all having visual's now?

I dang near fell out when he did an encore performance of "Hello It's Me.", the one song that every one in the audience new every word and sang along to,-- I never thought I'd live to hear him sing that [live] again. There is a God!

From the time he made his grand entrance from backstage, until the new 'fab four' bowed arm in arm after the last song, it was non stop awe inspiring, stellar, mesmerizing show.

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5/30/2004 - New Daisy Theatre - Memphis, TN

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