Memphis show 5/30/04

Review by Paul Gulyas and Melanie Gumz (Switch to

If you're looking for a pleasant evening listening to Todd Rundgren classics such as "Hello It's Me", and "Can We Still Be Friends", look elsewhere. I have vivid memories of a great TR concert in Madison WI in the early 80's, and was sorely disappointed that there was not even an effort to intersperse any of his older hits with his newer efforts. I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to see that TR was performing in Memphis during my Memorial weekend visit, and convinced my four companions that this would be a fantastic way to spend our Sunday evening. About halfway through the second set, we gave up and left, before we suffered permanent hearing damage. The sound level was so loud as to make it impossible to elucidate any of the lyrics, or possibly enjoy any part of the song. During one song, TR let out a prolonged scream that caused all of us to consider stuffing our ears with cotton. While I'll grant you that performers have the right to perform anything they wish, I learned a valuable lesson here - ask the venue management, or promotor, what songs the performer plans to perform, before plunking down any money.

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5/30/2004 - New Daisy Theatre - Memphis, TN

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