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First of all, a big thank you to Liz. You receive the Mary Lou Arnold award for taking care of bidness.Thanks for everything you did on the Texas leg. I arrived at the venue at 1:30 pm and no one had arrived yet. After having lunch, I returned to find the tour bus pulling into the front entrance. I found Steve(hard working tour manager who seems to be very focused on getting things done and does look like Al Franken) . Sound check would not come until 5:30 ish. Left and came back to 3 friends from the Canyon Club (Bronco Bowl) shows when I brought the grandkids. I was met with " Grandpa" and asked where the grandkids were. They couldn't come(17 or older venue.) Couldn't get a VIP pass but when we got in the club, I was second row center in front of OH. The man in front of me turned around and asked if I sang at a local Mexican restaurant in the mid 70's. Turns out he was 14 years old and parking cars at teh restaurant and would come in and hear me sing. He said I would always do a little Ted thing and he asked me who Ted was. I am sure he then received the Gospel of Ted from me, poor kid. However, it did get him interested and there he sat in the front row center. He asked if I had gotten a VIP pass and when told no he asked did I want his. He had already been to a couple of meet and greets and so I went back to see Ted(Thanks David!) . Ted groused about the venues he was stuck playing in Dallas and said anything was better than the "Cactus Cafe"(Canyon Club). He was in a great mood though and it translated to the show.

EXCELLENT!! The lighting is great and the sound was fine. I found that if you knew the lyrics to all the songs ,they weren't hard to hear."Sweet" and "Past" are now 2 of my favorites. "Mammon does rock live." "Born to Synth." can be fun depending on band mood that night. Ted was gone (as were Prairie and John) after the show but I caught Jessie at the bus and Kas in the club afterwards. Both were very obliging and I told Kas I would see them in Houston on Friday. He offered to get my "Tubes- Love Bomb" album signed by Prairie if I found him before or after the show. Couldn't wait to get to Houston!!

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5/26/2004 - TBA - San Antonio, TX

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