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I was a little leary of the tunes..."funky" I called them. Then I went to a pre show party at kristine's place...listened to it intently...and began to find meaning in the words (as usual) As for seeing the show live? nobody has expressed the absolutely KILLER lighting involved!! Man O MAN!!! if I could turn back the hands of time when I was a little more "guilty"... damn sam! Anyway...the setlist remains the same. The intensity is INCREDIBLE! as is the volume! We did shut up during the solo parts, but this is austin and we know how to act...thats why we live here! And also why Ted plays here...not San antonio! my buddies are in dallas tonite...we'll see how that goes. You know the good thing about rundgren? He ALWAYS tells it like it is and shows us what is really going on. He is the only artist who has EVER brought me to tears! Such feeling! Kasim looked great and had big fun messin w/ kathy's kid Racheal...flippin picks and such! We got there early and stayed late...thats required...isn't it? Ted did a great interview on a local radio staion that was quite informative. It was interesting to hear how he made the sound and "compressed" it....lowest common denominator anyone?

He has always had the same "message"...he just "Hammers" it home this time! It was a good day to be alive in Austin....

The venue looked like hell from the outside...but what difference does that make anyway? They hosted a Runger show and tickets were reasonably priced! The folks working there were peaceful and easy to get along with....more reason to see an austin show and move here if you can! Lots of freindly folks and great music...(stevie ray vaughan)...good swimming holes to boot!! cuz it gets HOT here...especially when the "runt" shows up!

Anyway sum it all up...this tour is LIGHTS....CAMERA.....ACTION!!!!!.....don't miss it! Quit your day job if you have too....but let him know we care and we are listening too!... and get you butt off the "excuse" and make this show....LED lighting...going stobe green during the green onions!!!! what are you waiting for? here's your silver platter folks....and the menu is tasty indeed!

sincerely.... frh..."fred"

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5/25/2004 - TBA - Houston, TX

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