New Orleans House of Blues Show

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When I saw Ted 1/03 at HOB, I was pleased with the performance but said that I was really wanting to hear some new material. Wow! did Ted deliver!I got the Liars c.d. the day it was released and am still blown away. It is everything Ted is about. So, I was really excited to see the show and even my wife came with! The setlist was the same as some of the other reviews plus "Unloved Children" and "Love Science", which were both incredibly well done. Words can't explain the power of "Truth" as the opening number.What a kick butt song! It really blasted and set the tone for the first half of the set.The show was tight and the first half was REALLY loud. I was blown away by Kaz and Prairie Prince. These guys were so tight and it was a joy just listening to the musicianship of the back up band. It's interesting to read from other fans about their opinion of Ted and his music. I've never really hung out with other fans and I don't know that many people who are Ted fans so it is refreshing to know they are out there. Since Something/Anything in 1972 Ted's music has come along at different stages in my life and has always been an inspiration. More like an old friend instead of a "fan thing". I read in the Ted data stuff in the website about Ted going with his youth pastor and bringing food to the down and out as he was growing up, and that compassion is reflected in alot of his music. I also am a youth pastor and worship leader at a church and so I see the need to help the younger generation grow up with a sense of responsibility to their fellow man instead of the mindless self serving garbage they are being brainwashed by the popular culture. I'm not talking about religion either, in fact I was OVERWHELMED by the honesty of "Beloved Infidel","Fascist Christ"(Sorry Pope baby!) and others.I was moved to tears by "God Said" and I actually lived out "Mammon"(a church that got mad at me for having black kids and pierced teenagers come) for awhile. Like I said , I'm not talking about religion, because religion basically SUCKS - BIG TIME! But I've always tried to use Ted's music in my talks with young people to show compassion and to show them that truly Love IS the answer!There is going to be a whole new generation that will be impacted by Ted's music and writing and religous leaders and politicians better wake up and realize that you can change the world with a guitar!Being in the middle of a personal crisis in my life ,the concert was a quiet moment in the storm. One of the best performances that i have seen Ted do.I am in the process of starting a hippie fellowship(NOT CHURCH!) because truly Love IS the answer, and I am thankful to Ted for all the great years and years to come of great music that will entertain and inspire generations to come.I also would like to publicly thank Roger Linder for his outstanding work with the T.R. Connection.He is a major blessing to all of us Ted heads out there.Looking forward to the next C.D.

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5/23/2004 - New Orleans House of Blues - New Orleans, LA

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