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This was seen from balcony on right of state (upper stage left). Just will hit some highlights, this is not a full review.

Truth opens the show propulsively, the momentum is augmented by kinetic light effects unlike anything i've seen in 30 years of going to concerts, and by TR striding out first and hitting the mark and the vocal line precisely on time, with the rest of the band joining him one after another. When TR let fly the first line the HOB erupted in a big cheer (good sized crowd too)-It was possibly the best moment of the show and made me fantasize how it would be to experience the entire new album played live. Never underestimate the power of good stagecraft.

Fascist Christ was another highlight. This wove its way through the rap to the waves of guitar/electronics, to "bringing it down" to only vocals for "ol' time religion" and back up to a very strong end. Unlike some of TR's fans, this NWO material works well for me.

Liar was performed with frightening ferocity. This delivery put to shame all the metal, goth, and punk acts whose energy doesn't seem to spring from any genuinely felt emotion. This works because it is rooted. Only thing that kept this from coming in at the top was that the keyboards were obscured by the bottom end. It's an interesting thing to trace back the middle eastern thread in his work, and then see where it lead us to today.

In the second half the highlights for me were:

Sweet and Past, both well played and sung, so that we could hear the ensemble. Just simply wonderful soulful songcraft.

Loved hearing Feel it and Want of a Nail. Saw these songs in NO on the 2nd Wind Tour, and they really hold up well. Beautiful stuff, with Feel It standing out strong.

[Took a tip from earlier Patronet folks who did the VIP and kept close tabs on the seating deal. It was a good time, but be prepared to Stand Up since the house rules can sometimes create little headaches.]

Nice to meet some of the other TR fans who had followed the tour around or flown in, some as far away as CT. On the way out, we stopped in a Pakistani place for a little goat curry. We're still alive and kickin.

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5/23/2004 - New Orleans House of Blues - New Orleans, LA

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