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Well this review starts off once again by saying that Ruth Eckerd Hall has the best acoustics of any place I have ever been in my life, well worth the trip to St Pete! What a show! I've been reading some of the reviews from the names that I recognize from all the years gone by. Until you see this show for yourself, you really just have no idea how great it really is, mere words just can't cover it. The set & lights are perfect, then you add a great sound system, a kick butt band with Ted at his best and you just have a one of the best shows ever.

The funniest moment of the night came during the half hour "Born to Synthesize", during one of the quiet breaks a fan did her own little bridge...."Bornnnnnn to Synthesize" to which Ted went off on a very long comical rant that auditions for American Idol are held AFTER the show, and this whole freakin' world is owned by Simon now! Several other references came later in the show to "Idol" that made for great laughter. Man the guys really cut loose on the instruments during Born to Synth and really proved they still have their "chops," it was as much fun to watch them play around as it was to hear! I really liked how Ted did a little acoustic set while the band took a break and the he took his break while they did their thing, more bang for the buck!

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