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With the family loaded up in the car, we set off from Orlando to Clearwater for an extended beach weekend (and of course the Todd show at Ruth Eckerd). What follow's is a review from each of our perspectives from our very comfortable 5th row seats.

Collin (age 7), who's favorite song is ISP. "It was too loud...I rather watch him on video."

Ryan (age 11), in his 3rd Todd venture. "It was great! I knew all but 2 of the songs. Look at the funny girls dancing in their seats, they want attention. Todd's comments for the person blurting out during the quiet moment was funny. Mamon was great."

Lauren (the ever patient wife). "The show was good. Glad to see Todd wearing a suite instead of the ugly pants and and shoes he wore the last few times." (Additional note, Lauren makes it a rule to not let on how much she like Todd's music, but she was humming them most of the weekend.)"

Mike (me). "Poor Kasim! At the begining he is subjected to the flimsy trade show stage imploding in front of him....a piece of plexiglass between him and Prairie came crashing down knocking over some of the lights. Then almost immediately after that, his ironing board keyboard starts rotating counterclockwise from it's upright position....very slowly till it was all they way down. Kasim was wathing it from the corner of his eye the whole time. Stagehands had that dumb-founded look...almost scared to get onto the stage to take corrective action. As for the music, it was great! Todd was in great form this evening. Unfortunately, Ruth Eckerd seems to have a lot of people who are patrons (of Ruth Eckerd, not Todd) and they were in shock at what they were witnessing during the first half. Lots of them vacated their seats in the front in favor of the lobby. Though I definitely appreciated watching the show from a venue with seats, it was missing some of the excitement of the audience participation. During the second half, people started to loosen up a little bit. One thing I do notice is that when Todd makes the effort to talk between songs, it helps to break down the crowd. His comments on Simon Cowell and American Idol were great and the mood definitely changed after that.

As for the set, same except for the lack of Love Science.

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