The May 21st show in Clearwater

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The show was great. As described in other reviews, Todd's voice was in fine shape, and the band is indeed tight.

The show is truly a must-see for anyone who has purchased a Liars CD, and anyone else for that matter. The songs sound better live. You don't have to wait long before you start to get into the show, 'Truth' is the perfect opening song. Todd was quick with the wit as usual, and said nothing controversial to my knowledge. Well, the dig at Priests was appropriate, and just a joke of course. It got a big laugh.

The crowd was a little disappointing at Ruth Eckerd. Not because of the turnout, which should have been better, but because of the fact that many of our generation have become old farts and have forgotten how to give back some energy to the artist. These songs just force you to move. Eventually though, the crowd picked up the slack, and by 'Just on Victory', at least half the crowd was standing.

Special thanks to Linda, who arranged for me to meet Todd. I'm still in shock. Todd was so friendly.

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5/21/2004 - Verizon Music Festival - Clearwater, FL

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