HOB Show 5/19/04

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Great show last Wednesday at the Disney HOB. The set list was basically the same as had been posted. Our hero threw in Love Science in place of Hit me Like a Train.No Unloved Children, no Temporary Sanity, These omissions may have been because of time constraints at the tight-wad Disney property. Before the show even started the bouncers circled my brother for whistling too loud, Their theory was the show hadn't started yet and there was no reason to be getting all pumped up. Yikes! Anyway onto the show, I really like them opening with Truth, it just sets the whole experience up perfectly. John's help on the opening chant on Mammon is superb, I kept wondering who would do it. John also creates the flute part on Soul Brother, just excellent. Toddy's homage to Sir George with My Guitar is quite sweet and well played. My favorite part is and will be the putting together of my 3 fave cuts from the Liars CD, Soul Brother, Sweet ( I'll Sing & Shout it and tell the world about it ) and Past, no joke folks he was in great voice and having so much fun up on stage doing a little soul dancing. I know I'm sounding a little gushy, but I can't help it. This album is very good, and I'm already looking forward to his next visit to see which songs he'll keep for future concerts. No offense but for the sake of Toddy's vocal chords he better blow off Liar it sounded great but that's gotta be harsh on the throat, night after night! It seems everyone is making a big deal out of Born to Synthesize, I personally believe you have to see it for yourself to make up your own mind about it,for me there was only like 2 minutes of the pounding rocky version I remember from the only other time I saw this song performed live. But the band looked to be having a lot of fun doing a kinda jazzy version of it. So to each his own I say. The only song I thought missed the mark was God Said, I don't know why but I thought this song would be more powerful live. It was still good just, oh I don't know. Still, it was worth the price of admission!! Come back soon Runt!

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