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hey all .man what a show!i am still basking in the greatness of Todd.this was truly a night of joy.i got down to the hob around 6pm there wasn't a lot of people there..last year when i got there the line was around the building (and it was the coldest day of the year/January and it was freezing)anyway i asked if they had the list for the vips and they said i would have to come back at 7 so i went to the front of the line and there around 5-10 people there (i cant remember everyone's names)and they were all really nice people.I'm born and raised in the south so it was great meeting other Todd fans with names like Mary Beth and bobby sue(these two particular Todd friends were really sweet/you know who you are) and yawl know what i mean..ha ha ..i was surprised how many Todd fans don't know how much stuff that is available on the Internet like "patronet" and even things like the book "the continuing story of tr".so we all were sharing Todd stories and it started to rain so we all shared an umbrella, while others ran for cover..ok so they opened the doors (where they proceeded to take away my camera ,last year they let me keep it)and we went in and secured a spot up front and i went back out for the VIP list. while i was out there i met more of the faces of names that i knew from the internet..lynn s and toddfan..we got the VIP pass which gave us box seats upstairs,but i opted to go back to the front of the now the venue was full(i guess cause it was a week night it took people more time to get there).now for the warm up band ,which is just like i like it.i didn't time it but i would say we got a three hour show! the music was clear and the set list was pretty much what every one has been listing.he didn't do "unloved children" here. Todd's voice was in great shape he played some great guitar (without much interruption) he did doodle with the computerized program for his sound a little the most noticeable time was on "while my guitar gently weeps".jesse broke a string on one song and when it was replaced it was left out of tune(he seemed annoyed at the guitar roady,most people didn't notice but i play guitar so i pay more attention to that stuff).kaz as always looked like he was having fun. Todd introduced the band as the jetsons..kaz was "daughter Judy"the set list was a perfect mix of new and a good span of his career.the lighting and stage setup was also great.i got to shake Todd's hand three times during the show mostly during" hello its me"..and for you girls the ladies next to me got sweated(is that a word?) on by our hero(they may never bathe again)lololo.the guys ended the show with a fantastic version of just one victory!now to make a perfect night even better..after the show i got to meet more wonderful Todd friends especially....the now famous eeeej(how many e's are in that)..and many more.. we first got to meet and get my shirt autographed by Jesse and then kaz (i got a picture) and after a while Todd came out so i got to meet shake hands and get a picture and get my shirt autographed by todd!!well im in heaven i must say(if the pictuers come out i'll post them later)...he got on the bus and waved bye to us all..what a night many wonderful people..truely a wonderful night!soooo i get home to bad (actually a mixed blessing because of his pain)news while i was at the concert my father (Robert Bringle) passed away.he had been battling lung cancer for about a now he is in heaven.anyway i now have to make a trip to i had to write this before i take off.hope to see and hear from you all on the road to utopia..jb(the wheel62).

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5/19/2004 - House of Blues - Lake Buena Vista, FL

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