Homer-T and Donna @ The Moon

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What can I say, Excellent!!!

Set list was the same as other reviews The sound was perfect , TR's was top notch especially during Sweet.

The venue was alright except the Toddies were watered downed so Donna And I took to drinking straight Vodka

I took to the floor and danced my arse off during Feel It,

We went to the stage during the 2 encores and was able to particapate with others shaking hands with Todd during HIM and JOV and at one point some guy walked on stage with something in his hands and TR sang "Theres a guy on the stage " and they (moon security) wisked him away off the stage quickly thereafter.

A somewhat funny situation. Also Donna got a bit of a scolding from TR for having our camera bag and drinks on the stage, that of course was my bad.

What was another bad on my part was we did not get to meet TR and boys before the concert with our vip passes we had purchased from patronet, WHY!!!! Because I forgot all about asking if we where on the list when we entered the Moon and did not realize it untill we saw some 10, 15 people coming out of the back entrance, man is Donna pissed at me.

God Said was a little funny with laughter from TR when Prairie Prince miscued several times.

All in all it was a great show and hope to see TR and The Liars again

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5/17/2004 - The Moon - Tallahassee, FL

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