Todd Concert at Jacksonville Florida

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Excellent Concert! This was the best one so far and this was my 7th show! We got to the Freebird early (5:00) to wait in line. Met some great people in line. (Anna & Lee) Todd some how was able to walk by everyone in line and go in the front door for the soundcheck unnoticed. Got to watch the soundcheck through the glass windows, wasn't very long. Freebird maybe holds 700 people and the stage was VERY SMALL! The crew was only able to set up 2 metal boxes (that's what I call them anyway) instead of 4 so Kasim & Jessie got to actually stand on the stage but everything was very crowded. Great job to the crew! The great part was Todd was within reaching distance to the fans. Even though the stage was very small Todd sang and walked up & down the front of the stage when he could have stayed behind the microphone all night. The bad part was they didn't go on until 10:00 pm. The fans were great - very lively. The song list was the same as Atlanta. I was disappointed that they didn't do Unloved Children, Temporary Insanity, and World Wide Empathy. Hoping that they add more SONGS! Because of the stage situation they didn't change costumes and their wasn't a real long jam session with the band. Todd did some great guitar playing and his voice sounded great! Kasim, Jessie, Prairie and John did a great job and it was fun seeing Todd & Kasim goofing around on stage together. The concert was less than 2 hours. We always want MORE! An important note - during this tour Todd has been acknowledging the fans as in waiting in line for hours, traveling all over to see one of his shows etc. It really means alot. After the show everyone (even Todd!) took the time to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. We very much appreciate that! I cannot stress enough how great Todd's new CD - LIARS is. Go out and buy it and see a show. You won't regret it! It is so worth it!

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5/15/2004 - Free Bird Live - Jacksonville, FL

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