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The Atlanta show was another in what appears to be a series of excellent performances by Ted and the band. As expected, the set list was consistent with prior concerts:
Ted & Band:
Buffalo Grass
Fascist Christ
I Hate My Frickin' ISP
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
God Said

Ted Solo/Electric Guitar: Beloved Infidel Lunatic Fringe

Band alone: Green Onions

Ted & Band: Soul Brother Sweet Past Love Science Born to Synthesize Feel It For the Want of a Nail

Encores: Hello Its Me Just One Victory

So when compared to most other shows, Temporary Sanity and Unloved Children were out while Love Science was in, and the Worldwide Epiphany encore was omitted.

It was fun milling with other Ted fans. In line before the doors were opened, I spoke with a couple of guys who had driven from Hilton Head, South Carolina. Ted Liars Tour book markers were passed out to the people in queue. Once inside, the people who set next to me seemed to never miss a show, the lady sat on stage at the tiki bar during the With a Twist tour concert in Atlanta.

I hadn't seen Runger live in quite awhile - since the Ra tour! I was accompanied by a friend who was a last-minute replacement for an out-of-town guest who couldn't make it. He was unfamiliar with most of the Runger songs in the show, so I was curious as to what he would think of the concert.

Seating was general admission, but we were able to procure seats on the 6th row in the center. The Roxy is an old movie theatre, quite intimate. The hall wasn't filled as there weren't a lot of people in the rear "standing room" section.

Of course, during the first half the band wore their various costumes. Prairie Prince had a rabbit marionette hanging in front of his bass drum, so as he played the vibrations would make it jiggle around. The sound wasn't terribly clear, and at times I had trouble hearing the keyboards. Liar sounded particularly muddy.

During the first part, I especially enjoyed Mammon, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and God Said. In the solo spot, Ted energizes Lunatic Fringe more by himself than the entire band did in the Red Rider original. Everything was strong in the second half, though Love Science, the jazzy arrangement & antics of Born to Synthesize, and For the Want of a Nail were particularly wonderful.

The crowd had kept seated until Nail, but for that song and the encores everyone was on their feet and the audience crowded the stage. I had phoned my wife (not a Ted fan, but she liked Ted & band on Letterman) and let her listen to Soul Brother, and during Just One Victory I noticed more than one person holding their cell phones up - recording on their answering machines, I presume?

One of the few downers of the evening was just when Ted stepped up to play the penultimate solo at the end of Just One Victory, probably the one single moment I was looking forward to the most, a string broke. He noticeably winced but gamely played through, of course, but surely altered what he had planned - it was different from all of the solos that I've heard on various recordings with that song and fell a bit short of the normal impact. However, Ted covered it admirably enough where I suspect that most people didn't even notice.

In the end, it was a very successful show, Ted was in fairly good voice and the band was tight. I enjoyed the lights and costumes, and my friend really enjoyed the concert too. He did mention God Said as a highlight.

So see the show and buy the CD!!!!

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5/14/2004 - Coca Cola Roxy Theatre - Atlanta, GA

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