Charlotte review5/13/04 - Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC

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Outstanding show last night. I took my son (19) to see Ted last night. I wanted him to experience all that a Rock n' Roll show could and should be and expected him to be completely blown away - We were not disappointed. We met some great people in line in front of the theatre (Christianne and Mick - It was a pleasure) and continued our conversations in the theatre as we waited for the show to start. This seems to always happen at Ted shows - best fans in the world of music.

Ted and the band were in fine form last night. This being my tenth Ted show over the past 25 years or so, I expected nothing less. The stage set, the lighting, the sound, the costumes, all were exceptional and flavored with that weird Ted sense of humor. From the first note to the last, my son was blown away, as anticipated. Seeing as he has largely been a fan of modern metal music, he has never seen a show like this. And while songs like Hello it's me and Past may not be his "Style", Mammon and Liar had him on his feet and his jaw dropping to the floor. After the show he told me I had better not go see Ted without setting him up with a ticket again - Mission Accomplished!! The songs from the new CD were amazing live, especially Liar ( I still can't figure out how Ted could scream like that for 6 minutes and then go straight into Beloved Infidel and have his voice sound so beautiful). The old tunes and covers equally amazing.

Ted seems more and more relaxed as a performer over the years and simply gets better with age. He is a by far the most entertaining performer in music today. I would recommend to all fans of music to see Ted whether you know his music (Where have you been if you don't!) or not. If you don't enjoy the show, you are probably in need of psychiatric counseling or you are a huge Clay Aiken fan....If you love it as much as we did, you will come back for more. In fact, I think if I hit the road right now, I might be able to make the Atlanta show tonight.......

From the fans in Charlotte - TODD PLEASE COME BACK SOON!!

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5/13/2004 - Neighborhood Theatre - Charlotte, NC

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