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I saw both Cats Cradle show and last nite at Charlotte and there was a big difference.

It was great seeing Todd in a bar like atmosphere in Carrboro, but sound was a little course and stage presentation was cramped compared to Charlotte. Todds got to move around a bit last nite and his voice was much stronger. He did not seem to have to go "back stage" to work on those 56 year old cords.

After seeing the show two nites this week I thought I might be a bit bored, but I enjoyed last nite even more so the second time. The songs were powerful and the message (because there are always messages) were more profound. Todd is not over rightous in delivering his message. Its there for the taking, and if not, the music is certainly great.

The new songs are much better live than on the Liars album. "God said" and Soul Brother" stand out and are classic in nature. With Kasim backing vocals, its a classic Todd sound now. Real drums drive a more organic beat. Jesses' guitar fit right in and Fenzerics keyboards are not overly synthethic.

The set list is as it has been on previously. We were 6 in our group and a few were in shock over the first set of songs from the album. "Facist Christ" and "Liars" are not the sweet Todd balads they were expecting!

I first saw Todd about 28 years ago during those annual Wollman rink concerts in Central Park when he was a skinny pale youngster and those bombastic Utopia shows. Many shows later, this man keeps evolving and growing. This is no oldtimer on tour to revive the past and collect money. He keeps the old favorites fresh (born to synthesize) and sings the new stuff with great passion and heart. The stage works great in the larger venues even better. It feels very large given its small components. Todds stripped suite looks much nicer than the yellow one!

Kasim seems ageless, Prarie is still great, Jessie and John just do a great job! See this show if you can and bring a friend. New converts always welcome. You won't be disapppinted!

After all these years and shows, this one is right up there with the best of them. Thank you Todd for allowing us to enjoy the music and still think!

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5/13/2004 - Neighborhood Theatre - Charlotte, NC

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