Cats Cradle Show

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The sound at this show was the best I've heard so far (better than Boston or Cleveland), mostly 'cause the room at Cat's Cradle was so small and it was so PACKED with bodies! The background vocals were much more audible, and well defined, and both Jesse's and Ted's guitar solos were much more full and robust than in other shows.

A special event at this show was when a fan by the name of Rick Brown brought a 1964 Gibson SG guitar that had been freshly painted with the 'fool' artwork to sound check. Ted picked it up and played it for four or five minutes, and then reluctantly put it down, saying something like, "Well, there is a sound check going on here. . ."

However, he took it backstage after sound check, and he brought it out and played it on _While_My_Guitar_Gently_Weeps_! Ted's I-Pod processing unit apparently had exactly what was needed for setups, as all Ted had to do was click it a couple of times and start the song!

I hooked up with Rick after the show and got a good closeup photo of the guitar.

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5/11/2004 - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC

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