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As others have clearly stated - the show was brilliant. Absolutely, positively, BRILLIANT(!), so I won't retread what has already been stated by the other reviewers. Lighting, Costumes, Sound, Performances. A++++

However, regarding the VIP Passes: "F" I was extremely disappointed to read another reviewer's comments about how "Ted appeared at the dressing room door (and the half-dozen VIP-pass holders slowly trickled out)". What?! Who?! When?! Huh?! Well I was a VIP Pass holder as well. Paid for three of them actually (me, wife & kid) - $60 in total. We were told upon arriving at the venue that "They were not doing that tonight" by the ticket taker - all we were getting for our money were 3 VIP Passes printed on Avery Label paper. Wonderful. Talked to two other employees asking for the 'band designee' - as that is what we were supposed to do, per Patronet. They eventually said they were trying to find a place to put some folding chairs shortly before the show started for us to use. As it turned out there was not place to put them to where we would be able to see, so we just hung around the stage until the the show started.

After the show, I talked to the same Cradle employee again, asking if anything was going on for VIP pass holders. He pointed me to the tour manager saying "if anyone knows, he will, talk to him". I finally caught up with him, showed him my VIP Passes, and basically asked 'what is the scoop?' With a sorta 'I don't have time for this' look on his face, he took my passes went backstage and returned with Teds sig on them about 10 minutes later. I graciously thanked him and that was that, I reckoned. But more importantly, I paid $60 to be made to feel like I was being a pain in the ass by merely 'asking' what was going on. Totally unacceptable.

Soon thereafter, a line started forming in front of the dressing room. We continued to hang around the dressing room/parking lot area after the show, finally got in the 'meet/greet' line. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as I get to Ted, the same tour manager comes up and says Ted really has to leave now. I coaxed him into allowing one signed album cover and a quick Digi Cam Pic for myself and my wife. Btw, the 'non VIP' guy in front of me just had at least 5-6 albums signed, but now I am just sounding pissy and whiny, eh?

But the show was GREAT and the band members themselves were extremely cordial and friendly for those of us who waited around for them an hour or so after the show. I just didn't need to spend an additional $60 on VIP Passes and the $40 Patronet membership to get access to them. I am going to send a 'bitch' email to Patronet - I guess we'll see what happens there.

Also, regarding another reviewers comments, I was the guy who starting bellowing 'We have been waaaaaiting so long' just before JOV. I recall Ted replying "You guys have no sense of drama" Oooops!

I also did get some great photos w/ my digital camera - and yes, I got a couple of GREAT shots of the Harrsion/Clapton replica guitar. After I got my album signed, my son asked Ted about that guitar, and he replied that it was a replica that someone had brought in before the show. Since I took all my photos with the maximum picture quality (4 megapix), I have not had time to 'downsize' them for sending to this website. Hopefully, I will get to it this weekend and forward them on....

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5/11/2004 - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC

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