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No way am I ever getting to sleep tonight!!! I am still wired from seeing Todd and the crew at the Cat's Cradle. What a beautiful night for a show...just balmy and intoxicating..a great setting.

Well, being one the newer fans, I have never done this before and certainly didn't pay close attention to the order of songs; so, I will just be general and to the point. Unlike last year's show at the Carolina Theatre which was my first, this show was in a very intimate and small setting. I was right up at the stage. For those who were there and also close up, I was the redhead at the edge of stage-left just staring up at Todd, grinning like some groupie for every song.....totally blissed by how close he was and totally in love with the energy and sincere emotion in his voice. Vocals were on!! Very few misses. He is truly one of the last great entertainers of our time. All the guys gave it 200%. He did songs from the new CD and some great oldies like "Beloved Infidel", "Hello", "Want of a Nail", "Just One Victory" and others. Overall there was a great variety of rocking with the licks (the man has still got it), getting low with the blues and soul, and drowning in those haunting killer melodies in his ballads. I stuck around for my first ever autographs from all of them and pictures with Todd and Kasim. Again, I will never get to sleep!!! Also met some great people who I hope to see at other shows.

I highly recommend the show to others. The musical quality and content and the energy in the performance are unmatched.

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5/11/2004 - Cat's Cradle - Carrboro, NC

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