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My first time seeing Todd. I've been a huge fan for years. I'm not familiar with the current album, so I listened for the words but could only make out some of them. Hmmm ...doesn't like organized religion? K...but Todd...every friggin' song?! I love the guy but he acted like singing Hello It's Me was beneath him. If you don't want to sing it...DON'T! But don't ruin a perfectly good pop song because you're sick of it or whatever. Songs like I Saw The Light, We Got to Get You A Woman and Bang On the Drum are the reason he can afford to be "Todd." Don't look down on good pop songs just to make yourself look "relevant" today. There's nothing to be ashamed of in writing GREAT pop songs. His voice was outrageously good! His band was GREAT! The sound and lighting were very good. The costumes have to go.

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5/09/2004 - Norva Theater - Norfolk, VA

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