A great show the second time around

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This was the second time I saw Todd on this tour. First was in Lancaster. He was better this time. For those of you who think this should be sold out because it's Todd's hometown, the Philly music scene is lousy. Philly radio has never really embraced Todd the way Ohio, Chicago or San Francisco has. Electric Factory Concerts hardly had any ads in papers about the show & if you think WMGK radio (the sponsor) was going to promote it by playing "I saw the Light" then you may as well come see me in concert do the Todd hits. He's not going to do the the hits people; and that's OK.

The new CD is better live and the band sounded better. The lighting is unbelievable. No other group or performer would go out on a limb like Todd does every tour and do something different. Name one? OK Brian Wilson, but that is it. There are no other musical genius out there.

And yes Jeff, the lady with the albums did get them signed after the show. The band was quite cordial.

Todd's merchandise was very reasonably priced compared to the other music out there. Todd keep doing what you do & Europe is really embracing this CD!

Take your 13-18 year old children to see the show as Todd & the band sounded like Bad Religion & Nine Inch Nails thanks for a great show. Please don't ever perform "I saw the Light", "Band the Drum All Day", etc. Leave that up to me in my cover shows.

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5/08/2004 - Tower Theater - Philadelphia, PA

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