Webster Hall, New York City 5-7-04

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I knew I was in for a great show and that the free shorter sit-down set at Mohegan Sun was only a preview for tonight. The first thing I liked was when a local DJ came on stage to welcome us and announced that Todd and the band would be taking the stage in a few minutes which meant: no opening act (hehe)

Opening with Truth things were already getting better as I got to see the light show that was not set-up at Mohegan

Buffalo Grass had Jesse doing the first solo and Todd grabbing foamy for a second solo at the end, as the audience got into it even more


I read the comments on 'Fascist Christ' at Mohegan Sun that said the band was messing up after Todd had to stop the guitar solo to fix his sound. That was the first time I had heard that song live and I was getting so much into it I didn't notice, so I decided to pay more attention this time; it was not the tightest song of the night, but still a great performance as me and half the audience kept clapping and singing the chorus with Todd

'I hate my freakin ISP' was introduced by saying: I want to remind you people we are a fucking Rock 'n Roll Band !! This song is so infectious as I just kept stomping my right foot throughout the whole thing

The band started to play the intro to 'Unloved Children' and it seems Todd changed his mind about it as he turned around and waved for them to stop. They went into While My Guitar Gently Weeps which was mind-blowing. I'm just ecstatic that he's doing this as a tribute to George. The ending solo was even more intense and I think a few bars longer that at Mohegan. In my opinion it topped every solo Clapton has ever played on this tune

God said

Liar - the intensity!! And the screaming/singing which is yet one more aspect of Todd's vocal talents

At this point the band left to change clothes and Todd did a solo version of 'Beloved Infidel' with a red electric I don't remember seeing before. This was a reminder of his mastery for writing ballads and changing the mood from the most intense to the most sublime, and how great he can be by himself. Between the last band tour and this one I saw him do 3 solo shows. This was followed by a solo version of Lunatic Fringe

Then the band did a long blues instrumental jam while Todd changed clothes

Soul Brother


Past, my favorite from the new album. What makes the live versions of Sweet and Past different is the trademark soulful vocal improvs at the end, so Todd

Born to Synthesize, again a mind-blowing experience. Todd left the stage for the band to take some extended solos, first Jesse, WOW, he just rocked the place. Then John Ferenzic went into a jazzy solo that kept getting more intense as Prairie Prince started jamming away along with him, almost a double-virtuoso-solo if you can call it that. Being a Tubes fan I'm well aware of Prairie Prince's talents and just happy to see him play with Todd; with the audience in total frenzy Kasim played a short solo before Todd returned after what seemed a long time to finish the song

Love Science, first time I saw or heard this song live. Really liked the vocal harmonies: John would do the high note "Love" as Kasim and Jesse would answer "Science" in 2-part as Todd would sing the lead

Feel It, one of the best tunes from 'Nearly Human' co-written by Todd and the Tubes

Want Of A Nail, Todd doing his little dance at the end as I was just about emotionally exhausted

Hello It's Me, before the chorus: "you know the words, you have waiting for this all night!!"

Just One Victory - the Anthem! As the whole place clapped along and Kasim moved to the front next to Todd for the guitar solo

World Wide Epiphany - the big surprise, after 'Victory' he still did one more song !!!

the only time I saw him for the 'One Long Year' tour was at Irving Plaza on a hot night and the air conditioning wasn't working. I remember thinking I hope this gets released in video so I can see it again and enjoy it (which it was, thanx Todd!) now even after seeing this band twice comfortably, I so hope this gets released in dvd because I just want to see it again and again. Everything about this show (band, music, visuals) was in my opinion, just perfection

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5/07/2004 - Webster Hall - New York, NY

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