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It was quite a blast to be on line at the ticket booth, see the guys in front of me get their complementary passes, with a couple more to spare. A quick, "Any extras?" got me a ticket. Woohoo! For free, too. Thanks guys!

Then, Mary Lou Arnold came up and spoke to the woman at the box office. It was great to get her ear for a minute or so and thank her for all the hard work she's done for Todd. She was one of the 11 voices. She was his tour manager for years. I told her that it's people like her who really deserve some recognition and thanks. That put a big smile on her face.

Then, up to the VIP section. How did I get a pass? I don't know. Luck? Finegeling? Seeing a familiar name on the list? Oh well. The lights dimmed and...

This band HIT IT!!!

The show keeps getting better and better. I've gotten to see the NY area shows (check the other reviews). This show as the best yet.

Todd's voice was incredibly on. His leads were absolute perfection.

Kas always tries to stretch himself by doing different and challenging bass fills. Seriously, if you pay attention to bass, Kas never does the same songs the same way. He's always trying things differently.

I've seen TR at the Ritz more than just the times that Nearly Human was there (both nights) and the Oblivion tour. I've seen the solo shows there quite a few times. In comparison, Todd always rocks with a band. The Liars prove the truth over and over.

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5/07/2004 - Webster Hall - New York, NY

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