todd r at Webster Hall

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This is not really a review of Peekskill although I was there and enjoyed it as a sit down and see what happens kind of show. What can I say? It's TODD after all and you never know what trick he is going to pull out of his bag. That's what keeps me interested.

My comments are very speciic to this Friday May 7th.

If the Liars do anything right this Friday at Webster Hall is to throw out those stupid distracting costumes, (keep it real) and play some high energy dancing music. I don't think Webster Hall will tolerate a show like Peekskill. People will be standing and expect to be rocked. This is meant in a very supportive way.

Please! Don't fail NYC. We are counting on a full kick out the jams!

A listener through thick and thin starting in Bearsville, NY 1974.

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5/07/2004 - Webster Hall - New York, NY

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