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i've lost count but i think i'm close to 30 on number of TR shows....with band or solo. and I think tonight's was the best. flawless. muscially and vocally. and i was up front where the sound can easily be muddy. we got Love Science, no Unloved Children, and it ended with WWE. Kasim joined TR onstage (off his little riser) for JOV, which i think might have been due to him playing to his hometown audience, (but i choose to think it was more of a Utopian thang) and for some reason that got my heart beating for WWE, and yes! they did it. i'm a happy plum...

Webster Hall is a great venue....I was having a hard time believing I was at the old Ritz.....in the lobby i remember the exact place some dude puked on my sneakers before an APB show in '87 or '88, and the restrooms gave me a serious case of deja vu, but i didn't really recognize the room itself. but I loved it and i hope more shows are booked there.

to paraphrase TR pre-HIM, the best thing about these shows is running into people you haven't seen in a while. this was close to a perfect day....a great morning / afternoon , then spending some quality time with my best girlfriend Joy, having the Doods join us for chow and sangria, and running into more friends at the show......Joy's seen utopia in the early '80's, but I don't think she expected to enjoy the show quite as much as she did; as i said in my Peekskill review, THIS is the show that you bring your friends to, and my friend loved it, and now she gets exactly why i'm such a big toddhead. i'm only sorry my bro blew it off, i would have loved to experience this show with the person who turned me on to Todd 25 years ago.

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5/07/2004 - Webster Hall - New York, NY

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