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Summing it up right up front, this was a fun, energetic show. Energetic crowd, delightfully lively band.

It has been a few shows since I last saw Todd and band in such a beautiful, intimate, and potentially wild venue. This is NYC, dude! This ain't no foolin' around.

My first show in NYC alone. I don’t get to The City much. It's pretty far from me, although I live in NY State. Frankly, cities make me uncomfortable. The lack of nature, the utter disregard for things natural… so human oriented. (I'm a country girl at heart). NYC is a city that represents the greatness and the lowdown of human creations. It is the beast, the big apple. I had to enter the beast; I had to see Todd and band, one more time!

NYC is also a city that Todd calls home. He has A LOT of friends here. And some family here too. Attending this concert, I knew that the crowd could contain anyone. Todd would want to do a fantastic show. I knew that too. From my spot at the show, it seemed that Todd did NOT let NYC down. There's no place like home.

Kasim calls NYC home base too. Many Kasim fans made an appearance. Jesse too, and maybe John (don't know) have many roots in NYC. So lots of homebase fans. I was afraid it would be a mob show. I've been at shows with lots of dedicated fans. It can be hard to get a good seat. But the NY crowds were gentle that night. And Kasim and Jesse were terrific and comfortable with so many friends in the audience. That was fun.

I don't think there were more than 300 people at this show. The club itself is huge, with many rooms. The show was in an upstairs room. Very art deco. It used to be called the Ritz. (Didn't Todd play there several years ago?) The crowd was full of exuberant fans. Whistles and yells between each song. Lots of people dancing and shaking to the music. No seats in the center of the club, standing only.

There were these cool staircases on each side of the stage. Todd would come down and be close to those of us near the stage. Very giving. It was so intense. He was intense last night. It was an amazing show. The audience was friendly and ready to party. It seemed that Todd and the Liars appreciated the enthusiasm.

He's so cool when he starts the show. Each time I see him, it seems like he is looking right at me! It's the shades he wears. Optical/ egotistical illusion but fun nonetheless. I love the song 'truth'. The lyrics are so relevant. The melody floats and soars. Premium Todd.

I really got into 'Liars' last night. By that time the crowd was pretty loose and with him. So Todd really opened to the song. He was noticeably enjoying himself throughout the evening. Those screams. (I'm like a drooling homer simpson when he screams) I was speaking with a few other fans afterwards, and for the most part, those who like the screaming are quite enthused. It really gets me deep inside. I like it.

Some people have thought the sound levels were too loud. Not me!! I think the levels were just right. And Todd commented that "we are a fucking rock and roll band!" Whatever Mr. R. wants is fine by me. He 'da Boss! He is so wise. Such a fine musician. And genius artist. A renaissance man. Hats off Todd. This tour is just what some of us needed.

Todd, Kasim, Jesse, Prairie, and John closed the night with 'world wide epiphany'. Another great Todd song! Which I have never seen live that I remember. And it was a gift last night. A delicious musical gift. Todd was focussed and it went smoothly. 'Just one victory' was so good, AGAIN. And 'love scientist'. Haven't seen that one live since the early '90's. That was with a full band and back up singers. Last night, once it got floating, the song was quite fun in this slimmed down version. Quite tasty. And Todd enjoys it. It's got some tricky vocals. Vocal agility that's our TR.

Fantastic show. Worth the hideous 3-hour train ride home (although I shan't do it again that way!). and then driving home from the train at 70 mph at 4 am. Erf! But I had to be at work at 9 am. So somehow/ someway I found a way to jump into the city and jump out traveling great distances, that 100 years ago would have taken days or weeks to travel. We are so fortunate with all we have now. And one of my most thankful things is TODD. He helps make life worthwhile.

The venue people were pretty cool. There were some beefy bouncers lounging around the front of the stage. Although distracting, they were mellow. I quite enjoyed the lack of cigarette smoke all evening. That was a pleasure. I bet it is better for Todd's voice.

One icky…somehow Kasim didn't have an opportunity to do his solo during 'born to synthesize jam', due to John and/or Jesse jamming too long. Not sure who actually went long. Missed Kas' solo. I love a good bass solo. That was a disappointment.

Jesse's solo was pretty great. He was excellent all night. And Prairie Prince was also quite inspired. He broke a stick during the synthesize jam.

After the show everyone seemed mellow and comfortable in their home base. All my concerns for scary people and a scary evening were for naught. The worst that happened was that there were too many people talking during Todd's solo section of the show. I shushed a couple of people. I encourage wild dancing but talking is rude. Luckily there was some wild dancing around and I joined in. We had a great time.

Thanks Todd and the Liars. Come back soon. We love you.

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5/07/2004 - Webster Hall - New York, NY

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