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webster hall is the original ritz...not to be confused with the old studio 54 on 54th street, where todd also played..the last time the"old ritz" hosted nothing but music and no dance was 1987..so for one of the previous reviews...the reason you didn't recognize the place...you may have see todd at the "other" ritz on perhaps the "nearly human" or "2nd wind tour"..when you were nice enough to accept the other persons puke on ya...lol....the only other time he played @the ritz was with utopia..way back in 1983...if my weed drained cells remember correctly...lol....now onto the show........

ok...todd...big boots...big coat...huge voice..!!!...this is my 3rd stop on tour of 4 planned (4th being albany) and i have to say todd and the band have hit warp 7 mr.soolu...so you had better strap in and dig the crazy ride....lol..seriously...the band has found it's nitche'..for todd to wave off "unloved children" and to say "we are feeling cocky tonight..we're gonna play something we hardly even know"...well that spoke volumes to me...and i can say i personally enjoyed the "trade" of "unloved...." for "love science" and"w.w.e." anyday....perhaps he is gearing up to be rex's agent...and wanted to feel the power of trading 1 player for 2..lol.. i love "unloved" but to mix up the standard set like that on the fly..true todd..now new york city shows are always special for todd wheather kaz is with him or not...there is something in todds soul that n.y.c. just seems to bring out..must be the water......well the masses were grooving and dancing and clapping hands in all the right places...todd was working the stage masterfully..despite the fact at times the space boots seemed to be a pain in the ass for him to walk around in...he kept peering over his shades as to see where the wires were and not to fall on his face..break a ..lets say foot or ankle as not to become kaz's joke butt...as like kaz broke his foot on the "power trio" tour and this was todds greatest joke inspiration..lol...anywho...there was 1 point when todd did nearly fell on the "mini" stair case on stage right....kaz was grinning when he caught the trip and recovery by todd..ok..back to the music...todd semmed so energized by the new york crowd...he gave us his all..and then some...like the only thing i saw todd get a bit huffy about was a sharp look to his slacker guitar tech when he reached for a pick..and there was only like 2 on the mic stand..todd was looking his way and this tool was playing with one of todds guitars sort of mocking his playing in a "cross stage" banter with the "sound/computer" dude..so when todd shot him the look of..hey tool, do your job and bring my picks..that was the only hitch i saw...and perhaps he felt a bit rushed to finish because as our hero stated.."they have some pretty important disco dancing to do in here when we're done"...ya know that last time he was rushed off of a stage was at "the chance" in poughkeepsie and for the same reason..big disco party..ya know he hasn't been back since..lol.and he used to luv playing there..guess he's anti disco...this almost seemed to inspire his adding w.w.e. to the end of the set...as to just put a crimp in disco stu.......other than that...not a "flaw"...i am so pleased todd has found his voice and his new message he feels he needs to share with us on this tour...this weekend will be a nice 2 day high for todd and the boys..n.y.c. and philly back to back....philly brings out todds soul for all to see as well...(wish i was up for a road trip later...i could really use a real cheesesteak sammich...yum yum yum..lol..only 3 hours from long island..) but albany will do for me in june...so i am in envy right now for those folks waiting to see this tour on the west coast..why..with the "on the fly" stuff he is doing now..and mixed with the fact during "born to....." kaz keeps teasing 2 very distinctive utopia tunes.."the marrige of heaven and hell" and "the 7 rays"..so who knows..this may set something off in todd to actually blow the dust off of either one of those songs..and take them out for a test drive just for shits and giggles..and if this does indeed happen..the envy will turn to jealousy...lol..well there was indeed another genius in the house last night...we are n.y.c afterall....the masterful donald fagen from steely dan was in the house..this is the 3rd todd show i have seen him at...the tr-i gig at roseland and the individualist gig at irving...so it's nice to see 1 musical genius..enjoying the work of another... overview/recap.......go buy the cd...go see the show.....not to be missed...i hope upon his return from europe he does another new york date or 2...if not...go west young man...there is gold in them thar moutains...and it's todd gold....lol...see you all on tour someplace.....

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5/07/2004 - Webster Hall - New York, NY

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