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Back in my college days, "dominus" was a word my friends and I coined to describe prog-rock concerts with the awesome, deep sound that WHAMS you right in the chest. Todd Rundgren and the Liars at the State Theater was a dominus show. From the tightly coordinated lights ("Fascist Christ" and "Liars" especially) to the powerful sound of Todd's new songs cooked up live, this show was indelible. Todd was in fine, fine voice, and he has assembled a solid band indeed, locked right together. As Mainers, my husband and I were thrilled to hear from other concertgoers that the Portland show improved upon the Boston gig one night previous. Made us proud!

I just can't think of standout musical moments because the whole event had me awestruck. But I will say that in these times, "Just One Victory" resonates even more for me, so I was grateful they closed with it--brought us out on a high note. I wished the audience had been on its feet long before that, but no matter--during the last three songs I could finally dance and sway. For the rest of the show, I wore out my neck muscles grooving in my seat.

The crowd was fascinating, a preponderance of moms and dads, like me and the hub. I felt welcomed (whereas after a recent John Mayer show, the girl in front of me gushed, "You were so cute!" Blech. Being a mom does not terminate one's ability to rock out, honey).

Have to agree that the State Theater--despite its rehab from porn palace to live-performance destination--still defines the word grotty. It looks exactly like it did back in the '80s, when skinflicks ruled the screen. (Don't ask me how I know that. :) However, in the venue's defense, its pseudo-Middle Eastern, 1930s design motif was certainly fitting for the former purveyors of "Communion With the Sun" and the like. Plus the plywood flooring down in the orchestra section made the stomping for encores extra-effective. Overall, I embrace the State as the place that brought me this incredible experience.

I was among the fans who coalesced in the stage-door alley, by the tour bus. It was super to connect with other longtimers like that--to realize that other people's brains harbor many of the same obscure Toddinian reference points! Such kindred spirits aren't typical in rural Maine. (Congrats on getting that beautiful pic signed, Joe!) And of course, meeting the band was unforgettable. There were a couple of moments during the show when I flashed back to my last Utopia concert, August 1982, and saw Todd and Kasim in my mind's eye as they were then (fond smile just thinking it). Preparing for the show, I spun a lot of well-worn vinyl and the memories, as always, flooded. So to meet these heroes of mine was an honor and a joy. They were gracious, friendly, and appreciative, and I can't thank them enough.

Portland, whether you knew it or not on 5/5/ have been rocked.

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5/05/2004 - State Theatre (Portland, ME) - Portland, ME

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