Portland ME 5/5/04

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BAM!!! This show was tight! Comparing it to the previous night in Boston, I have to say that this show mopped the floor with the Boston show. It was a pretty full house as Todd was informed that ticket sales were lite. He later said that it sounded pretty full to him. The audience was eating this one up. "Foamy" was problem free and Todd's solos were fierce. Unloved Children was missing from this set but this performance totally made up for any missing songs. I just don't know what else to say. Just an outstanding performance. And no drunk guy falling over on people. I did miss Todd screaming "Beantown" at the end of some of the songs as he did in Boston.

I also took advantage of my VIP privileges. There were exactly three of us VIPs. One of whom traveled from Boston because he had enjoyed that show so much. Todd was very gracious and chatted for a few minutes with us. There was no special seating nor were any of us chosen to watch from the side of the stage. I'm ok with that. I'm glad I had a hand in picking up the tab for this tour. It was worth the 20 bucks. I never really got a chance to say thank you to Todd personally for all the enjoyment he's given me over the years. I was too tongue tied. In fact, I forgot to ask him to sign the stuff I brought. DOH!

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5/05/2004 - State Theatre (Portland, ME) - Portland, ME

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