State Theater, Portland, ME, 5-5-04

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Just a few comments about Todd's Portland show on May 5.

This was the 11th Todd show that I have seen, beginning with the NWO tour. I would have to say that this was the best so far. I was a little worried after reading some early reviews of the tour, but whatever problems there may have been, it looks like they're fixed now. The band was very tight, and I thought Todd's vocals were the best I've heard him do live. (not sure how, given this material show after show) The show was more polished than I've seen previously, with no forgotten lyrics, technical glitches (that I'm aware of) etc. Also it was GREAT to see a show with NO bossa numbers! The lounge thing was a neat idea back in '97, but it got really tiring. Anyway, it was great to see some different stuff for the first time in a while. Definitely would like to hear more of the Liars cd live, esp. Stood Up and Wondering. But it's all good. Thanks Todd!!!

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5/05/2004 - State Theatre (Portland, ME) - Portland, ME

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