Boston 5/4/04

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Almost every Todd or Utopia show that I've seen has been with my brother Dave and occasionally my younger brother Tom. In fact, he took me to my first Utopia show in '82 when I was about 13. The show was scheduled to start at 9pm and they took the stage at around 11pm. After the show started I stood there just gazing at the stage. Didn't move. Didn't sing. Just stood there in awe of what I was seeing. This artist and his music has always moved me in a way that no other can. To this day, every time we see Todd I am in awe. I have never been disappointed and never could be. This is a one of a kind musician.

That said, the poor guys throat is still in rough shape. Yet he still screams his lungs out during Liar. He did leave the stage quite a bit. I am assuming to take care of his voice. The set list was the same as previous nights. I hope he puts Temporary Sanity and WWE back in the show and maybe a couple of new songs when they get down to shooting this for DVD. The light show is amazing. This is definitely a great show to see. Still having guitar issues. But overall a pretty descent show. There's something about the way he sings the verses in God Said that continue to send chills up and down my spine. Just One Victory was definitely the pleaser of the night and it sounded great. For anyone who's looking to hear an artist play the same hit songs over and over again every time they tour.....I believe Phil Collins is touring in the fall.

Finally, did anyone else get harrassed by the big drunk guy in the yellow jacket and tan baseball cap? He plowed his way into the audience about three or four times and nearly fell over about 20 or 30 times. He made his way to the stage during the encores but luckily didn't cause too much trouble. Also, if your gonna talk through the whole show, stay home. I'd prefer to listen to the artist I paid to see.

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5/04/2004 - The Roxy Boston - Boston, MA

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