Late review from the Todd show in Boston.....

Review by Julie Neubauer (Switch to

The show was great!!!!!

It was so good to have Kasim and Todd together again! I thought Todd was especially emotional and honest in his presentation of the songs..I really like the set on this tour, although i agree "Hello it's me " can be dropped any time in my mind...I would suggest having Kasim do a solo of "eternal love" or something...

kasim seemed much more like himself in Boston....

Yes, that big stupid guy who was completely wasted rushed the stage and almost ran me over! and a stupid guy near me started talking to me and asking questions right during "Feel it"

Please people, if u want to get wasted and go to a concert, try going to see poison or motley crue,,,,, leave us TODD PEOPLE ALONE DURING THE CONCERT! PLEASE!

i also ran into a nice guy named John whom i had met before..he was passing out cards about michelle's upcoming show..

i think people are really excited about it!

I am too!

Todd, thanks for one of the BEST shows I have ever been to!

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