The Roxy, Boston, MA 5-4-2004

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Because of a schedule conflict, I had to bow out of the usual Mohegan Sun, Wolf Den venue and pick up tickets for the Boston Show. It was definitely worth it. How can you compare a 75 minute show to a 2 hr 20 min show ……simply, You Can’t! I took a half day from work, already off to a good start, and headed for Beantown. Cruising in amongst the heavy traffic and knowing the Sox were out in Cleveland that night, I couldn’t help but wonder how all of these people were going to fit into the Roxy. Well they must have gone somewhere else but there was a pretty good crowd at the show. I had the privilege of taking my brother in-law to the show. He is a technical genius so I knew he was going to like this show and he did.. He has never seen TR before and I didn’t give many clues on what to expect. I get a kick out of bringing new people to a TR show. Usually the are caught off guard. Bottom Line? It was a really good show. I have always said “It’s in the live show!” and it was there Tuesday. I have another brother in-law who still won’t talk to me for bringing him to the A Capella tour, but that’s a story for another day. The new cd came alive during the show. Songs I thought were OK moved way up the scale throughout the performance. This band is so tight. Some songs were a hair over powered, like “I Hate my Frickin ISP”. I felt TR nearly blew his voice out on that one. Todd, If your’re gonna go down in battle, don’t do it on ISP, do it on “The Last Ride” or even “Liar” (what a great song! A touch of the “RA” age maybe?). You will not have been lost in vein. I was especially impressed with “Sweet”. The fact that the crowd was singing along says an awful lot for the cd considering it’s been out less than a month. I felt that “Born to Synthesize” was a bit drawn. I was beginning to loose interest when OH returned to wrap up the song with Jesse copying TR’s vocal on guitar. “Fascist Christ”, “Unloved Children” and “Mammon” were absolutely incredible. There are so many great songs, played so well on this tour. To my friends going to the West Palm show and you know who you are, I say this, “buckle up; you’re in for a hell of a show”.

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5/04/2004 - The Roxy Boston - Boston, MA

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