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This is a consolidation of the opinions of myself and a friend who attended the Roxy show in Boston:

Well, I have to say that was probably tied for first in the worst concerts of all time for me. (Tied with Heart at the Portland Civic Center circa 1985 - another story).

Regarding Ted shows, absolutely the worst - even worse than the "Pod" show. let's review:

1) Costumes - offending. Not funny. Stupid. So, ALL priests are Liars was the message, I guess. Poor execution of a hazy, half-ass concept.

2) Song selection - self indulgent and arrogant. 3 or 4 new ones would have been OK, but more showed no respect for the paying public. Nor did it show the ability to objectively choose material for a show. Points for trying to be relevant (when you are painfully not), and incorporating what he believes are "new", but what are actually "dated" musical trends (bad Trent Reznor imitations), but in reality, it only points out that the recent music is melodically inferior to his best, and delivered in a manner that can only be considered a parody of a parody. If he wanted to be truly revolutionary, he would embrace concepts and practices he left behind long ago, such as practicing his instrument a little. It is truly a travesty that an artist would neglect his outstanding catalog in favor of mediocre band-wagoning (again). He needs a producer, too.

3) Sound mix - as bad as I've ever heard.
3.A. Guitar sounds were downright comical. Aside from the buzzing (switch to humbuckers in these emergencies), I would not want those tones when practicing in my bedroom. I’m sure a Line 6 amp is “convenient”, but the net result for both guitarists is a transistorized mockery of good tone.

4) Vocals, awful.

5) Band chemistry - non existent. Thank heavens for Prairie’s wonderful playing.

This analysis could go on interminably, but it’s pointless. What a continued disappointment. Consider giving up the weed, Ted.

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