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Great to see John Heslin, Lin Sprague, Kathy and friends. The Roxy's sound was not so great, and Todd was unhappy about it. Still, as usual he gave his 110%. When he handed his guitar to the technician he complained that he was playing a 12 string (he had foamy in his hand) and said some things to the technician but it didn't sound good. As he approached the mike he banged his face/mouth into it not realizing how close he was. the band laughed, the crowd laughed, todd sort of laughed.

This time, the cape came off immediately after Truth. I was bummed, the cape really does it for me. So does the skirt, and there was no skirt either. Though in the second set costume change he came out in a red, gold, and black pin striped suit. Todd mentioned they were his high school colors.

During Liars, I saw the strobe lights for the first time and it makes it equally powerful. By the time he gets to Lunatic Fringe he has pretty much lost his voice but was able to recover much of it towards the end of the show. During Born to Synthesize while Todd yelling a few words of his schtick, jesse replies the same sounds with his guitar. It was really great. And then finally my last observation of the three shows i've just seen is that during Just One Victory, I keep expecting Todd to say in the end "WE...LOVE...YOU" but he doesn't.

There was a drunk in the audience that plowed his way to the front, making many leave their spot to avoid being fallen on or whatever else. it was a shame because it started during Feel It and it sort of set the tone to keep one eye on the freak and one eye on the show. What a distraction. There were other distractions for me. My husband was taking pictures with his digital and some security guy plowed his way towards us during Past and he smashed right into my right breast to get to John. Asking if our camera was video or just stills. We told him twice it was stills only but he was still in my face and breast. He finally left us alone.

Set List:

Buffalo Grass
Facist Christ
Unloved Children
While My Giutar Gently Weeps
God Said
Beloved Infidel
Lunatic Fringe
Green Onions
Soul Brother
Feel It
Want Of A Nail
Hello It's Me
Just One Victory
See you all in the fall for the west coast shows!

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5/04/2004 - The Roxy Boston - Boston, MA

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