Mohegan Sun Show

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I'll keep it very short,

Well I am a huge Todd fan and have been for many years. For me it was a huge thrill to see Todd playing new material. AND thank GOD he did not play Bang On The Drum All Day:).

Ya there were many flaws but thats part of being human. I was dissappointed that they could not construct the set as Todd designed a killer one. I dont want to neg out on the show and keep to the positive.

He played FEEL IT from NEARLY HUMAN whitch was a thrill for me as I missed that tour (with lyle workman whom is a huge guitar influence for me).

Todds voice was great 98% of the time. Still bummed cause I could not meet him. Did meet Kazim and Jesse. Both very cool dudes!

Todd is the MAN and I hope he cranks out another CD real soon! Todd don't keep us hangin tooooo long ay!

Todd please play TOADS on this tour..... Efff the casinos!

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5/02/2004 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT

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