Sunday at Mohegan Sun in CT.

Review by Julie Neubauer (Switch to

It was a long rainy drive to and from Mohegan Sun for the Todd and the Liars show..

This was the first time I had learned about the set list for this tour....I really liked it a lot....

I was extremely happy to hear " feel it" and "want of a nail" and "past"

It was a good show- OH was on a time clock as it is Mohegan sun , major gambling in CT

I noticed Kasim seemed really distracted...Maybe it has been a while since he has done a casino show....

This trip to Mohegan was better than last year's as i could actually hear the music over the clanging of endless bells and dings from the slots....

I sat with some nice people from NY....

I still prefer a more "normal" venue without all of the rules of the casino.

thanks Todd for a great show!

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5/02/2004 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT

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