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Having been a LONG time resident of S.F. CA, I was lucky enough to see Todd SO many times, before and after, he relocated from CA to Hawaii. Saw lots of Solo, Tour warm up, & Benefit shows etc., also I have spent time with Todd many times (most notably (and humorously) helping him decipher the "Vegetarian" options at a Buffet for the Gala Re-opening of the Fillmore West back in '93?! Then there was his Tag-Sale in '96--never mind that was TOO funny!) That said, Ive kept an interested eye on Todd for the last 15 years. He is a great person & performer and I have NEVER seen a BAD show...but this was close. Too close.

Let me explain, I was aware that Todd was having troubles with his guitar "greeny" before the show, having read a review @ this site. Sh*t a result there was very little playing. What little we did get, too much "power point" effect use, followed by mediocre solo's (for Todd) didnt help. He knew he wasnt playing well that was obvious.Oh well..

It was the first Time I had seen a show @ the Wolf's Den and was unaware that a 75 minute limit was imposed upon Todd & the Liars. This DID NOT help things. Playing new material, doing the blue eyed soul thing, and ending with an Anthem is a pretty tried and true live formula for Todd. But it was impossible to do successfully given the time constraints. Even for Todd. Todd works best without parameters and distractions. Between his equipment and the Venue he was "up against it" in both respects.

As far as translating the Apple computer composed "Liars" material to a band situation. At this show it fell flat. (In fact I was expecting Todd to tour solo ala Tr-i "New world Order" and was surprised, but excited, by the challenge but I'm afraid it didnt work @ M.S.) Maybe if Roger Powell was there it MIGHT have worked. MIGHT.

Nothing was great but it was enjoyable. I brought my buddy Al ( a new recruit) with me and he was happy enough to want to see a "real" show at a "real venue" sometime. So I consider that a plus. Dont get me wrong many people were enjoying every minute.

My only beef is WHY did Todd end the show with "the albatross" Hello its Me (I would have taken Worldwide Epiphany gladly) it was forced and terrible (Kazim Sulton remarks on his own web page that it was "horrible" on this tour { during rehearsals}, so why Todd continues trying to include it is beyond me) I think he should put it away again for a while (like he has in the past) and save it for the next "Big Band" Tour.

One last comment; even the worst Todd show is still a good time. I did have a good Time.

ps Todd you've got too much soul to spread around--dot waste your time with Casino's, cause' "Love is SWEEEEEET!" and we Love you!

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5/02/2004 - Mohegan Sun Casino - Uncasville, CT

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