Peekskill 5/1/04

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I've been a Todd fans since 1972. I've been seeing live shows since 1975. Being a New Yorker meant many chances every year of seeing shows. I (like many others here) have endured The Solo (Todd needs some extra cash)Tours over the years. But we knew (hoped and prayed) that there was still a MASTERPIECE somewhere inside him.

"Liars" proved we stuck around for a good reason.

This is a work that's meant to be live. He has the power of a preacher and a voice of an angel.

The band is awesome.

The Paramount is a really nice venue. The sound was perfect from where I sat,4th row center.

The band seemed is great spirits. It is always a treat to see and hear Kasim. I do wish he got to do a solo.

Todd's intro to " Hello it's me "hit home for many of us.

It was about coming to these shows a recognizing people you haven't seen in years. And you stare at each other, And then you say "Hello,it's me" I was surrounded by those people. It made JOV so special.

That was always THE SONG that ended the Utopia shows with a warm fuzzy feeling. It's been said before,if your thinking about seeing this show...DO IT..

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5/01/2004 - Paramount Center For The Arts - Peekskill, NY

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