Peekskill, NY ... May 1, 2004

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OK ... my ears are still ringing and I haven't had much sleep ... too excited from last night. It was unfreakingbelieveable! The entire night was a pure treat. From meeting people from the forums (Hi Diane, Bill, Marilyn, Toonman (forgive me ... I promise I'll remember your name when I see you tonight @ Michele's performance) and others ... to meeting Michele, Todd and Jesse! Everyone seemed to be in very high spirits. The venue was great, the music was over the top, tight, flawless. And Todd, was at his peek! Altho at one point, he fell asleep at the microphone, snoring, snorting, whoop whoop whooping away ... Kaz finally had to step off his platform and give him a shake on his shoulder ... finally, Todd, still in a dreamlike state, shook Kaz off while mumbling "Father Murphy. Father Murphy ... I hate when you touch me like that!" ROFLMAO! Hysterical. The crowd were on their feet w/HIM and JOV. I felt 16 all over again. After the show, I hung around, even got to go on the tour bus ... as I was asked to deliver some sushi LOL! Eventually Todd came out ... and being the gracious host, signed autographs, took pictures and chatted with us. He has always been, and still remains ... my hero!

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5/01/2004 - Paramount Center For The Arts - Peekskill, NY

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