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Paramount Theater, Peekskill, NY; 5/1

It is the first of May in southern NY state. Flowers blooming, trees newly in leaf. The smell of spring in the air. 3 days of perfect spring weather. And finally the day is arrived. Todd Rundgren and The Liars. Paramount theater, Peekskill, NY.


The two hour drive was uneventful, thankfully. Beautiful sunshine, and surprisingly light traffic flow. The Taconic Parkway. A deathtrap too often. No tolls, so very uneven road surface. Ouch for those tires. I took my time, conserving strength to be most alive during the show.

It had been a lllongg week. Over 1000 miles, and over 100 people adjusted. Most of them very appreciative of my care.

I deserved this night to once again be in the presence of one of my favorite people, Todd Rundgren. His music having been a light in the darkness, a torch on the path. His musical evolution has often reflected back to me, my life and myself. As a young person, his music, the lyrics, the soul of his music called out to me. Something/anything of what he does has called my soul.

This hermit, this musical genius, this wizard has been a mentor of sorts in my life. And so handsome in his unique way. So present. So much larger than life. (At least life as I had known it) Sometimes, thinking about him creating his music. How does he do it? As each new year brings his new music, each song unique nd deep. And his singing just gets better. Being in awe of what he puts together in every musical gift to us.

I digress. Back to yesterday, Saturday, Peekskill. As you can tell, I was thrilled to be on my way.

Fans had already started arriving by 4 pm. Parking was decent. All in all a wonderful venue. The Peekskill police had a front door patrol car presence. Helping with traffic after the show. A safe venue. And the ushers were wonderfully relaxed and comfortable with the crowd. A beautiful theater that a non-profit organization is reviving. Send donations if feeling generous. It seems like a good group of people.

Todd and the band pulled up in a long white limo, he said hi! He remembered me!

Kasim was out and about. Very charming and sweet as always. Sooo glad Todd and he are touring together this year. Isn't the bass in this show wonderful!? Those bass lines are tasty.

' Liars ' has a lot of great music. I like the way they showcase the new music this tour. It is some of Todd's best in my opinion. I played it over and over on those 1000 miles of driving!! It probably saved my life and/or my sanity. :)

the show!!! I was at my seat early having missed the beginning at Turning Stone, due to not waiting in their extremely slow line. I was determined to watch the band come out this time.

Oh the light show!! The presentation. The Music. Once it starts, an incredible ride of two hours of solid music. Our favorite todd songs, oh! That song Liars. When Todd screams. That is like the hottest thing in a live setting. It is a side of Todd that I never saw before. I am digging it. It's how I feel too often!

The Skirt. I'd only seem pictures. Seeing him dancing around in that very cool kilt. Mmmm. I missed the platform boots. I really dig them. It makes him like 7 feet tall. :)

Todd's voice was great. He was really there for most of the show. Considering all the shows and travelling he did last week, he sounded incredible. He is so giving when he sings.

Love is the answer, what's left to say?

And Mammon! Wow. That song shows such great perception. The whole CD really shows us how Todd is once again renewed and even more caring than ever.

I couldn't sit still during the show. The music was so compelling. It drew me to my feet. And since the audience preferred sitting, I went to the back. And danced for about 5 songs. And it helped me feel really there. More alive. And present. And it is seemed like maybe the band could see that someone was really rocking to the music. And maybe it inspired them a little. I wish.

Todd and The Liars really put on a great rock show. The lights, the costumes. Such fun. Such imagination. Such creativity.

Thank-you Todd for coming out and giving us these great musical moments in our lives. "take a few of these, sweeter memories. Don't forget them please. The sweeter memories". Ah his brain. We do love his creative brain.

During the last encore, it hit me. This is it. It's over. Only two brief hours to be in those magical musical moments that only Todd gives us. I wanted to cry. But he was so heartfelt as he sang with us. And so joyous and present. It was a bittersweet moment.

After the show a few of us waited next to the bus. Hoping for autographs or a hello. Michelle R. was kind enough to keep us posted as to Todd's status. "He's eating. He hasn't eaten all day." So we stood, huddled close to the bus. As close as we could. And talked together. And compared stories. Spoke of our love for Todd's music. And how we wanted him to just come out, to make the gesture of warmth, of letting us reach out to him.

Generously, gently, sweetly, he came out to visit. Giving us a few of his moments. Two sisters had a gift for him. One boy of 13 was the son of a 30 year fan. It was one of the boy's first concerts. Probably his first autograph.

I had enlarged a photo from the Columbus show. When it was my turn, tongue tied, I tried to express my delight with the tour and the new music. He was light and joking. We were so glad he was there. All of us showing him our deep love and respect.

It's been thirty years since Todd entered my life. Listening to 'Hello It's Me', not knowing much of Todd, but being no more curious about him than any other musician.. But that song touched me more than most of the other songs on the radio. And the radio had a lot of great songs in the same years that Todd got radio play. Sweeter memories. As Todd wrote more new music, my respect for him grew immensely. I remember stories in the pop magazines about Todd. Living in the country and growing his own vegetables.

He has consistently evolved into more and more beautiful spaces. And I am happy to follow through the influence of his music.

"and I see rainbow surrounding you and me, but that was in the past…living in the past"

Ahh. What is life anyway? The responsibilities that church, family, and state impose on us? Is there a different rhythm? A different perspective? "Life is always strange, you just get used to it". Can you feel it?

The end

" " indicate lyrics by Todd Rundgren.

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5/01/2004 - Paramount Center For The Arts - Peekskill, NY

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