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Todd was so awsome! I went with my family and we had no idea what to expect about Todds new album or anything, then all the sudden BOOM! the curtain opens and all the sudden we hear this awsome techno beat and Todd in his Religious costume and it blew me and my families heads off. It was so Amazing. This was my first concert of Todds where he was promoting an Album so I didn't know any of the lyrics of Liars. But from what I gathered from Truth, God Said, and many others, it is for sure one of his more profetic ones. Todd did none of his love songs at all that night except for Hello it's me at the end. Todd was sending out a plea for just one Victory among the Human race and all those fighting for Love, Humility, Healing and above all else truth. All of my downheartedness became engulfed in Rundgrens Influenza that night, Todd is just so real to the core. He goes above and beyond in his never ending quest of Inspiration and Musical phenomenon calling out to our very souls. But anyway...I should get back to the concert, but this was the very first promotional tour for me and my family and it was the first time I got to hear this MASTERPIECE, and that is even an understatement. I saw too many walk out early that night because of Todd experimenting and going with the times, with alittle techno and Edge rock, and I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw them grab there coats. This was the most on, I've ever seen Todd and the most Soulful. He sang like he was back in his golden age of the 70s and 80's, He was so powerful and people have to leave just because Todd obeys to no rules of conventional artists his age. But he was absolutely stunning and I loved the whole religious figure head suits and then going pimp suit on us. That just kicked ass and that light show just completely blew me away that was simple solid and rainbowish colors but still flabergasting and mystical. I just love his new album it sounds like so much of a mixture of his old albums like Initiation, The ever popular tortured artist affect, NWO, and also just completely fresh and new, It's message and soul power blow my fucken mind. The highlight for a young fan like me was the ability to shake OH's hand that night while he was singing just one victory. one of the greatest honors of my life. What a guy...He is like a modern day Socrates. Listen to the words and soul radiating from this mans soul, my brothers and sisters, he's really trying to prepare us for something and help us to find our real selves..To find out who we really our and the powers and compassion we suppress and to use it is the greatest victory to ourselves.
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P'S: wish I had a song list for that night, but I'm afraid I was too flabbergasted to remeber.

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