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Well, it's Sunday morning at 7 am and all the kiddies are still sleeping. That is of course because 2 of my 4 children got to see Todd and the Liars last night. It was their induction into a live performance at ages 9 and 12.What a great performance!!! The sound was terrific(good job sound crew , the light show was right on . The opening song Truth just jumps out and sweeps you into the performance.

My 12 year old son had been humming Liar for days now and when that came up was smiles from ear to ear. I was amazed at the amount of children at the show and their young ages, and I am thankful that we are able to share this experience with them. Many of us have wonderful memories over the years of Todds performances, never really knowing what to expect and always coming out fulfilled. There was an increadible tightness to the bands performance, all cues right on and Todds voice seems to have reached another level of quality. Todds wife Michele was in the crowd watching the show as well as a lot of his friends and you could feel this show was his home crowd. (I also saw the Redbank performance on 4/23 which was great but a different feel.).

I'm sure another review will be able to go over the song list. I gave up after three, just enjoying my kids watching the show.

The oncores were the kicker, first with Hello its Me , sorry Todd its like Star Trek without Spock, and my alltime favorite, which I haven't heard in years, Just One Victory. For those of you that remember a Wizard/ A True Star , and have stood on those lines at Wolmans rink in Central Park, that was always the sign off oncore song. Thanks for playing it again, it has been missed.

And for my Kids Todd- Thanks Hope to see you soon again.

Be Well

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5/01/2004 - Paramount Center For The Arts - Peekskill, NY

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