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The other reviews sum up the show well. Nice, clean, new venue, superb sound. Todd seemed to be in great spirits and really seemed to want to play. There was some guitar trouble for Todd early on. Turns out there are 2 Foamy guitars, both of which had trouble. Todd also has a 3rd stringer that’s a black Stratocaster-looking thing with brass hardware that came to the rescue at the end.

There was an added humorous aspect to the show for me in that the couple next to me, baring the encores, didn’t seem to know one of the songs Todd played. I’m guessing they have only the greatest hits disc and was expecting to hear it in its entirety. As the night wore on they got more and more antsy and more and more pissed. By the time Todd was playing “Lunatic Fringe” the husband yelled out, “now he’s playing the theme song to Miami Vice!!!” Finally, when the encores came and the band played “Hello It’s Me”, they were too angry to clap. The husband did yell out, “FINALLY, a song I KNOW!”

Personally, I think the set list Todd has chosen is outstanding. I love the emphasis on the new stuff and the difficulty of some of the songs they take on. Hallelujah, Todd, you put out one of the best albums you’ve ever created and you follow it up with a new and original tour. There is no question that the guy still has it. The musicianship and the length of the show of incredibly impressive. I am a person who was somewhat critical of the more recent solo tours, but I am in awe of what Todd is doing now.

The set list:

Truth (what a great opener)
Buffalo Grass
Mammon (rocked)
Fascist Christ (smoking version)
Unloved Children
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
God Said (still my favorite of the new ones)
Beloved Infidel
Lunatic Fringe
Green Onions
Soul Brother
Love Science
Born to Synthesize (With themes from Marriage of Heaven & Hell, The Simpson’s
 theme song, Seven Rays, and The Jetsons thrown in.  It would be great if this
 bled into “Death of R&R” with Kasim taking the lead vocals)
Feel It
Want of a Nail

Hello It’s Me
Just One Victory (the wife of the grumpy guys yells out, “I KNOW this one!”  Yahoo!!!)
Can’t wait for Tower Theater next Saturday. My friends, don’t miss this tour. It’s the best since Nearly Human.

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4/30/2004 - American Music Theatre - Lancaster, PA

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