Tr and the Kings of Kooooooooooooool………in Lancaster PA

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The Liars were just the kings of kooool. And they were HOT !!! They schmoooozed right up to the audience…and the fans ate them alive. Great Fan Voodoo, Excellent show !.

Todd went from a raving Lunatic straight into a swooning Crooner….w/o blinking an eye. His boys never missed a trick. The highlight of the night for me was Fascist Christ live…as Todd raged the stage in his subordinator boots, straight into Mammon and Liar, demanding Liberation, making the idea of a Controlling Deliverer very easy on the eyes. (toooooo Cheeky !)

Prairie had as always an outstanding performance…between him and Kasim they carried a smooth groove…. Jesse our philly boy wonder, played a mean guitar and was just as cute as can be in his pink panther get up, dig the fluorescent pink chucks !…last but not least lets not forget Philadelphia's own John Ferenzic….jazz spastic master of the keys….They all had their mini stokes during the Born to Synthesize solos…a 50's Ventura Soulful version 2.0….Godd i hope somebody got this on disc…it is a must have for Freeeeeaaaks like myself !

The show went seamlessly…as Todd took us from Liars all the way back through to 2nd Wind. A Wonderful combination of the last 13 years of TR dynamics. The sound was extraordinary, lots of depth, very 3 dimensional. And although for a moment Ms. Foamy was choking on her last breath (faze shifter failure of some sort) it was not a show stopper (hope she is feeling better today). The lights were brilliant…the LED thing works.

My only regret was smuggling in my Kodak digital…as Todd obviously allowed all equipment into the Venue….The show made for some very artful shots…and he is just giving it away ! So pack up your high end cameras, its a hell of a show !

Although I did not use my VIP privileges, (saving it for Philly) I did meet w/the people running it and they were very approachable, polite, kind and generous. The whole thing had an at home feel about it. Patronet works !

Basically I had a great time. This show is strictly for the fans…Todd pulls out all of the plugs, and allows us to come closer. Very comfortable environment, just what we want !

He has the young ones eating out of the palm of his hands, as they just flocked to the stage to hold his hand during « Hello" …and this is perhaps the most sacred of all cross generation thang! (or is it the hormones?) in any event the chemistry works!

Don’t miss this Tour, have a great time, He’s doing it for you…peace…your most humble servant, gina

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4/30/2004 - American Music Theatre - Lancaster, PA

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